Diabetic platform
Patient Mentoring

Personalized, real-time coaching Testing and reminders Out of bounds alerts Target ranges Visual interpretation Diet, Exercise Medication usage

Clinical Decision Support

- Outcome-based support - PHR/EHR integration - Clinical analysis and trends

Social Engagements

- Family and community connectivity - Caregiver alerts and support


  • HBA1C Prediction
  • Scoring of patient based on “Time spent under the Hyper and Hypo Curves”
  • Insulin Dose calculation
  • Visualization of Blood Glucose levels along with plotting of Carb and Exercise.
  • Basal Insulin and Meal time Bolus assistance
  • Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia prediction, warnings and avoidance
  • Hypoglycemia Warnings and Treatment as well as Avoidance
  • Carb and Insulin Interplay with Glucose levels
  • Calculation of Carb Factors and Insulin Sensitivity.
  • Calculating Optimal Carb Exercise ratios and plotting them to achieve euglycemia
  • Continuous reevaluation factors related to elevated and low blood glucose levels and the appropriate correction based on an individuals metabolism
  • Recommend changes based on food take, exercise, insulin,