About Us

Sam Ramakrishnan, MD

Dr. Sam Ramakrishnan 25+ years experience; he is a Board Certified Internist and currently practicing in the Bay Area and has authored several medical apps.

Robert Sloan

23+ years of consumer and medical electronics expertise and holder of many patents, He has headed teams in Philips to bring out award winning product lines.

Raman Narayan

25+ years consumer electronic veteran. Created and launched many innovative and successful product portfolios and built them into multi-million dollar businesses at San Disk, Motorola and Philips.

Suzanne Y. Pecoraro, RD, MPH, CDE

Diabetes Specialist
She is a Certified Diabetes Educator with 25+ years experience, with Masters in Public Health and a registered Dietition. Expertize in Virtual Lifestyle management and Diabetes prevention programs.